What Is The Differences Between Landscape Architect And Landscape Design Salt Lake City?

landscape architect Salt Lake City

Maybe you have a patio or a pool project that is way too big for you to handle it yourself, and you need a professional to help you. This is where you can get help from a landscape designer and landscape architect salt lake city. But you might be wondering, what is the difference between them? They are a lot more different from each other than you might think. Keep reading to learn more about them and their differences.

Landscape Architects

To officially call yourself a landscape architect, you must achieve a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture and be officially licensed in the state where you live in order to actually work as an architect. Landscape architects usually will attend colleges that are accredited by American Society Of Landscape Architects. They are also required to pass an exam to be officially licensed. A great landscape architect has the experience and training to be able to work with challenges in both residential and commercial properties. 

Officially graduated and licensed landscape architects design and plan parks, outdoor spaces, gardens, cemeteries, and public resorts. Landscape architects also design and plan the restoration of natural places such as mined areas, forest lands, and wetlands. Landscape architects are also the ones who plan projects for national state and any local historic outdoor areas. They can be employed in public, private, and academic organizations. 

Landscape Designer

The primary difference between landscape designers and landscape architects is that landscape designers will usually work on much smaller projects than architects do. Some designers may also have the exact same training as architects do especially if they have a higher degree. Landscape designers are also not required to have a state license which is why most of the time they aren’t allowed to do the same jobs as landscape architects. 

In most situations, landscape designers can be self-taught without having to take any course. But that is rare because most designers have taken some courses at a university or a college and have achieved a certificate. In reality, you cannot just wake up one day and think that you can just call yourself a landscape designer. You are required to take courses to be able to officially work and help customers.

Most landscape designers will work with the soft stuff like plants and trees. Some designers may have the experience and training to be able to work with hardscape, especially if they are working in regions like Nevada and California.

What Will Happen If You Hire A Landscape Designer?

When you decide to hire a landscape designer salt lake city you will first have a consultation where you will have a discussion about the project. Usually, the landscape designer will come over to your home and take a look at your yard. They will also take pictures of the yard and ask you some questions like what are your preferences in garden maintenance and what is your budget. Next, the landscape designer will create a plan drawing to kind of show you an example of how everything will look.